Welcome to USG – Pioneering Global IT Solutions and Workforce Management Excellence

Since our inception in 2002, USG has grown into a global powerhouse, distinguished for its expertise in Information Technology. As a leading IT services and staffing company, we've cultivated diversified revenue streams and a reputation for excellence. At the core of our offerings lie specialized solutions in Data Engineering, Backend Architecture, and Product Development, with an eye towards the future through the seamless integration of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.).
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Our Evolution

USG embarked on a journey rooted in innovation and reliability, envisioning a future where technology transforms businesses. Over the years, we have refined our strategies, adapted to industry shifts, and remained at the forefront of the IT landscape.

Global Impact, Local Precision

USG's influence spans the globe, strategically positioned to deliver top-notch IT solutions and staffing services. Our commitment to local expertise ensures that our global reach is complemented by a nuanced understanding of regional needs and client expectations.

Diversified Excellence

Beyond our specialized services, USG's success is rooted in our ability to diversify revenue streams. This strategic approach positions us to navigate market dynamics effectively while consistently delivering exceptional value to our clients.

Our Dynamic Team

USG's success story is co-authored by our dynamic and skilled team. Their expertise and collaborative spirit drive us to surpass client expectations consistently.

Join the Future with USG. Embark on a journey with USG, where innovation converges with reliability, and excellence knows no limits. Whether you seek advanced IT solutions or aspire to grow your career through our staffing services, USG is your steadfast partner in shaping a technologically advanced future. Discover the USG advantage – where tomorrow's solutions are delivered today.
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Who we are

We are leaders in AI consulting, IT consulting, Talent Management, and Staff Augmentation. With a global team of 2500 individuals we are a Minority Owned Enterprise dedicated to innovation and technological excellence. Our expertise in blending advanced software solutions with in-depth industry insights enables us to deliver tailored, cutting-edge strategies.

Our mission is to empower businesses with transformative technology solutions, driving them to the forefront of their industries. By harnessing the power of AI and advanced technologies, we ensure that our clients not only meet but exceed the challenges of the ever-evolving digital landscape. USG is your partner in navigating and mastering the complexities of modern technology.

Our Values

Client-Centric Service
We prioritize delivering quality services to become the preferred provider for our clients.
Global Engineering Leadership
Our goal is to be globally recognized and respected in the engineering field.
4R Principle Adherence
In every action, we focus on the Right Resources, Timing, Pricing, and Ethics.
Diverse Industry Expertise
We leverage our extensive knowledge across various sectors to provide comprehensive solutions.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to demonstrate 4R principle in our each action:
Right Resources
Right Timing
Right Pricing
Right Ethics
Our vision is:
To ensure clients identify USG Inc as their preferred service provider by providing quality service.
To be the most recognize and respected global engineering partner to our customers.