Leaders of USG

At United Software Group (USG), our leadership team is dedicated to driving innovation, excellence, and growth. Meet the leaders who are guiding USG towards a successful future.

Anju Vallabhaneni - CEO

Anju Vallabhaneni, our CEO, is the driving force behind USG's strategic vision and growth. With a profound understanding of the IT and engineering sectors, Anju Vallabhaneni has been instrumental in positioning USG as a leader in delivering innovative solutions to our clients. Under his leadership, USG has consistently achieved remarkable milestones, including being ranked 103rd on INC.com's list of fastest-growing companies in the Midwest USA. Anju Vallabhaneni's commitment to integrity, excellence, and customer satisfaction ensures that USG remains at the forefront of industry advancements.

Vaibhav Mishra - Managing Director

As the Managing Director, Vaibhav Mishra oversees the strategic and operational aspects of USG, ensuring that our services meet the highest standards of quality and efficiency. Vaibhav Mishra brings a wealth of experience in leadership and strategic planning, driving continuous improvement across all facets of our business. His dedication to operational excellence and his collaborative approach make him an invaluable part of the USG leadership team.

Our Commitment to Leadership

At USG, we believe that strong leadership is the cornerstone of our success. Anju Vallabhaneni and Vaibhav Mishra exemplify the values and vision that drive our company forward. Their combined expertise and dedication inspire our team to achieve excellence and deliver outstanding results for our clients

Join Us on Our Journey

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